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French macaron with cremeux from Limoncello Lazaris

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for the macarons

  • 135gr almond powder
  • 220gr icing sugar
  • 110gr egg white
  • 60gr common sugar
  • yellow pastry colour

for the limoncello cremeux

  • 100gr fresh lemon juice
  • 50gr cream limoncello
  • 140gr common sugar
  • 300gr eggs
  • 100gr Extra sugar
  • 5gr gelatine sheets
  • 200gr cowbutter

for the macarons

  1. We sift the almond and sugar powder together.
  2. We blend the sugar and egg white in the mixer until it becomes a soft meringue.
  3. We combine the two contents slowly and soft together and add the colour.
  4. We leave aside the macarons about 20 minutes.
  5. We bake 13 minutes at 135 to 140 degrees. We let them cool down and then we pull them off.

for the limoncello cremeux

  1. We put on the fire a pot with the limoncello cream, the sugar (140gr), and the lemon juice to boil.
  2. In a bowl, we mix the eggs with the rest of the sugar(100gr).
  3. we mix together the 2 contents and bring again to boil until it becomes firm.
  4. we add the zelatine sheet and the butter.
  5. We put the cream in a long and narrow vessel, covered with zelatin, and let it cool down for one night in the fridge.
  6. The next day, we put the cream into a pastry bag and fill in the macarons.
  7. We put the zelatine sheet into cold water and small pieces of ice cubes.


We thank pastry chef Ms. Natasa Lepesi for the recipe.

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