Halva with fig pie and kumquat

Halva with fig pie and kumquat

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In a non-stick pan on medium heat, put sugar and water together. Stir constantly. Then add the glucose and continue stirring so that the sugar does not stick and burn. When it gets a light brown color it means that our candy is ready. When it gets a light brown color then our caramel is ready.
Put the tahini in a saucepan and mix it well with a whisk so that it is homogenized then add vanilla. When the caramel is ready, add it to tahini slowly, while mixing with a wooden spoon very carefully due to the fact that our caramel is hot. The mixture will start to coagulate slowly. At this point, we add the fig pie cut into small pieces then we start to fold our halva.
In the end, our mixture will be like dough while its fibers will be visible. Our halva is ready when all the ingredients have been homogenized and are not scattered
Pour the halva in a cake tin or in a utensil of your choice. Then we give our halva the shape we want.
We let our halva cool and tighten in the pan. We turn it very carefully and we add the cut kumquats on top, sprinkle with the syrup if you want.

Special thanks to Chef Anastasio Andrioti – Chef-Owner at ‘Rose Garden Restaurant – Corfu Gastronomy.

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