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Our production facilities are located on the road to Achillion. The distillery and the confectionery manufacturing facility are open to visitors. You can "travel" to the flavors and aromas of Corfu by watching the daily production. As you enter, the aromas overwhelm you. The tour starts in the confectionery manufacturing facility (kumquat spoon sweet, mandola, nougat, traditional fig pie "sykomaida", Greek delights) and as you watch the production process, you are taken on a trip into the culinary history of Corfu. On the 1st floor, the intense aroma of alcohol pleasantly "intoxicates" you, as you learn more about the production process of our kumquat and limoncello liqueurs, as well as our beloved ouzo. Back on the ground floor, the rich tasting buffet invites you to taste and buy our products, as well as selected products of local producers such as oil, wine and spices. Access is also easy for people with disabilities.

Factory & Exhibition Hall: 2nd km. Nat. Road Corfu-Achillion, P.C. 49084, Corfu,
T. +30 26610 33400, +30 26610 48632

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