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Limoncello Liqueur 50ml

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50 ml

The famous Italian liqueur, but absolutely interwoven with the gastronomic tradition of Corfu, is produced by extracting lemon peel in alcohol. Transparent, aromatic, full-bodied, deliciously sweet, and sour at the same time, it is served frozen after each meal as a digestive. Perfectly combined with sweet tarts, fruit salads, and cakes. It’s also extremely refreshing with grated ice and it can be used as an ingredient for making cocktails.


The Limoncello liquor obtained by extraction of lemon peel in alcohol, in the traditional way for years transferred from generation to generation.
The peels are carefully cleaned so that no trace of the bitter white inside remains. Then, they are placed with alcohol in stainless steel tanks, in order for the alcohol to get the substances, aroma, and color of the fruit. Then the added syrup is making the composition of the liquor.
Finally, the process is followed by filtering and bottling the liqueur. Transparent, aromatic, and delightful, the limoncello liqueur is served chilled as a digestive drink after each meal. It is a popular ingredient for dessert recipes and combined perfectly with sweet tarts, fruit salads, cakes, and dried fruits. It is also wonderful with crushed ice or as an ingredient in cocktails.

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