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Kumquat : Tradition and elegance from Corfu

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The production unit for Corfu drinks and sweets, Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets is located in Corfu, on the road to Achilleion. For 11 years, Constantinos Lazaris and his team continue the gastronomic tradition of the island with passion reviving flavors and scents of the past. They follow the local recipes and they produce a series of Corfu homemade sweets and liqueurs based on the famous kumquat:

Protected Geographical Indication Kumquat Liqueur
Kumquat Spoon Sweet
Kumquat Jams
Mandola with Kumquat
Nougat with Kumquat & chocolate
Loukoumia (Turkish Delights) with Kumquat

A few words for the “Corfu Kumquat”

It is the seed of the Fortunella margarita.
Its name means “golden orange”.
It was brought to Corfu from China by the British agronomist Merlin (who gave his name to the famous orange variety).
It is cultivated at the flatland Nymfes, in Corfu, since 1924.
The soil, the mild climate and the water of the area particularly benefited its growth and its fructification, and now it is connected to Corfu island.
It is recognized since 1994 as a product with Protected Geographical Indication.
It is the only citrus fruit that can be eaten with its peel.
It is characterized by its strong scent and its particular taste: a sour flesh, a sweet peel, with oily texture, that leaves a spicy and strong sensation in the mouth.
Its cultivation contributed to the blooming of the commerce of the island with the countries of Europe.
Kumquat is a good source of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibers.
Lazaris Kumquat Liqueur
The traditional Corfu liqueur is produced by extracting the rare citrus fruit kumquat into alcohol, with the traditional way that is carried from one generation to the other for so many years:

The fruits are carefully collected from the orchards, they are cleaned, washed and placed inside stainless containers with the alcohol so that the chemical alcohol will absorb the substances, the scent and the color of the fruits. Then the syrup is added, to compose the liqueur. The filtering and the bottling of the liqueur then follow.

Kumquat liqueur is served ice cold as a digestive drink upon every meal. It is also wonderful with crushed ice or as an ingredient for cocktails with “Greek character”. It can be amazingly combined with fruit salads and it can be used to flavor a dessert or the sponge cake of a tart.

Kumquat Cream Liqueur is created by adding milk at the final stage of the production process. Its velvety texture makes it an excellent ingredient for cocktails.

Mandola with Lazaris Kumquat
It is a traditional sweet produced in Corfu from the Venetian rule era. The name comes from the Italian word mandorla which means almond. Mandola are shaped as sugar almonds and they are baked and caramelized almonds, flavored with Kumquat essential oil. It is an excellent liqueur accompaniment and an excellent snack. They are also fantastic to decorate a dessert or a cake.

Lazaris Nougat with Kumquat & Chocolate
A traditional homemade sweet produced by roasted almonds, sugar and whipped egg whites in meringue, cocoa, and kumquat pieces. A delicious snack!

Loukoumia (Turkish Delights) with Kumquat
Little sweet bites that melt pleasurably inside the mouth and fill the senses with scents and the flavor of the Corfu Kumquat. Traditionally they are served along with the coffee or a glass of iced water.

Lazaris Kumquat Jam
Rich in scent, amazing and slightly bittersweet flavor that goes well on buttered bread, on chocolate cakes, as a biscuit and croissant filling, as accompaniment on a cheese and cold meat platter.

Lazaris Kumquat Spoon Sweet
The tiny and heavily scented kumquat inside light sugar syrup! It is served along with a glass of iced water or as an accompaniment on chocolate cakes and creamy desserts.

Lazaris Kumquat Glacé
An amazing sweet of fresh Kumquat fruits. It is served along with a glass of iced water or as an accompaniment on chocolate cakes, ice cream, yogurt and creamy desserts.

You can find Lazaris products in the stores:
Mediterranean Food Store (Pantopoleion Mesogeiakis Diatrofis - Το Παντοπωλείον της Μεσογειακής Διατροφής) (Sofokleous 1, Athens)
MyMarket, on the online store www.akros.gr and in other selected stores.

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