Kumquat: From the land of Corfu to our facilities

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January is our favorite month…! This is the season of a kumquat – Corfu’s trademark – when this charismatic fruit ripens and its harvest takes place exclusively from trees of Corfu’s land. The golden-yellow, aromatic fruit comes to our facilities. Cooperating with Corfiot producers ensures the quality of our raw material at all stages of cultivation. And in this way, we support local agricultural production and economy, which is a general attitude and primary goal for us. With great care and expertise, it is carefully selected and stored. Soon, we will begin the “journey” of their denaturation into tasteful, delicious, quality products. Its unique taste and rich aroma will make delicious liqueur, flavourful spoon sweets, and delightful marmalade. Products of Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets are characterized by their unique quality.

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